Tuesday, 7 May 2013

My Childhood Dreams

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Everybody has their childhood dream. And me too. I remembered since I was 7, when my teacher ask what I want to be when I grow up? My class teacher usually asks this at the end of the school session every year to write it in a .... I forgot what is that thing, but I'm pretty sure, it is a card . Nevermind. Then, I said that I want to be a lawyer, astronomer and doctor. Then, the next year I will give another answer to my teacher, so when I look back at that card, I saw many ambitions wrote there. Can you see how ambitious I am? But I think I am too greedy at that time. Because I want to be anything in the world. 

When I was 11, I realized that I love sports. At that time, my favorite sports is 100metres sprint, basketballs(ini semua pengaruh Slam Dunk) and badmintons. And I wish that I can school at Sekolah Sukan Bukit Jalil because I want to be a Malaysian athlete so I can make the Malaysian proud of me when I won a gold medal.  But, my dream becomes impossible when I suddenly realized that I am not tall enough. Oh dude, I hate this! That means I can't play basketball. So, I changed my plan, I chose to play netball because it has similarity with basketball that is shoot the ball into the basket. Then I joined the school team to fulfill my dream. My team got second runner up. Once again, my dream has not come true. I never selected to be the best athlete How unlucky I am. 

Budak kecik itu lagi laju dari usain bolt?
Ini semua pengaruh slam dunk!
Ini semua salah Hanamichi Sakuragi dan Rukawa. I hate you!

Then, when I was 13, I got a new dream. I want to be an  electrical engineer. I don't why the electrical engineer keeps lingering on my mind. I think it is so cool and brilliant dreams because I am the only girl in my class who wanna be engineer while the other is the boys and many more reasons. It's hard to explain. hmmm...

But I think, I am too easy to influenced by movies, anime and surrounding. Quite dangerous. Lol! It is proven when I watched it begin again. Eh, tiba-tiba ternyanyi lagu Taylor swift, Begin again pulak. Wrong timing asffa..tempo tak ada. Pitching jadi kak ogy pulak. Tengok tu, aku mudah terpengaruh kan...!

Sambung cerita, when I watched CSI; miami, I feel that I want to be like Eric Delko or Ryan Wolf, a cop. I watched Supernatural, then I started to feel like I want to be the ghost hunter, I watched smallville, fireman sam, boboiboy and many more. I know you can expect what happen next, isn't it? Yeah! Ok, I'm joking. Never crossed in my mind that I want to be like Clark Kent or Boboiboy. But I really wanted to have Doraemon with me! I'm sure you would think the same way with me, right? Hahaha... detective Conan? My favourite forever. Ah! Aku benci bila talking about cartoon/anime. Sampai 50 entry pon tak habis nanti aku taip pasal dorang.

After few years, I still wanted to be an electrical engineer and sometimes doctor. And now, I still don't know what I wanna be, thought that i'm ambitious, though. I hope I can be what I want to be in the future. It's secret! I'll tell you all when I am ready. hehehe....suspen..suspen.. 

So, till then please pray for me and my success. I will always pray for all of you too.

I am so sorry if this entry will makes your eyes berpinar-pinar membaca lalu berputus asa dan meninggalkan blog aku dengan segera. Eh! Jangan! teehee...aku bukannya apa, saja nak share. Sharing is caring what?!
Mulanya, aku nak tulis fully english, tapi memandangkan aku tak reti nak buat lawak dalam english, so aku tukar plan. menjadi tak plan aku? Menjadi tak? Muahaha....

Teruskan membaca blog ini dan jangan lupa spread it kepada kawan-kawan. Hikhikhik! 

Aku kalau bab-bab mempromosi memang tak reti. 

Have a nice day.

Happy reading and thank you!


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