Tuesday, 1 January 2013


Posted by Jade at 11:22

Have you heard about Abuden? or Ah, but then?.. First time aku dgr word ni, aku fikir..bnatang apa abuden ni? Ngeh..(ceteknya ilmu shayer)

Tp bg aku, abuden ni equal to soalan sengal. Why? Because the question that u ask...states the obvious. Terang2 kau boleh tengok depan mata jawapan dia.. Contoh...

A friend : Hey! Are you doing your homework?

Me        : No la.. I'm eating my book right now. Don't you see it?

A friend :   !@#$%^&*()

*dialog ini hanya rekaan semata.

After I watched this video few months ago, I've made a conclusion about this video. It's really reflect us. The Malaysians! I like the auntie yg tgh siram bunga! Haiiii auntie! Lol!

Take a look with other Jinny Boy Tv. it's quite interesting and funny.


Happy reading and thank you!


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