Friday, 5 April 2013

A simple thank you is more than enough

Posted by Jade at 20:08

Just want to say that a simple THANK YOU is more than enough to me.  I really like it when I've join a giveaway segment, then the organizer will visit my blog and post a comment. Simple comment as "thank you" is better than nothing. I'm glad to read thank you comment because that means the person is positive person who appreciate others feeling. Well, it's just my humble opinion. 

In addition, there are more ways to say thank you. In our life, we will say 'thank you' daily right? Yeah. As far as I know, people really like the words 'thank you'.

For example:

1. When people help us to press buttons on the lift, we'll say thank you. Then he/she smiles to us. Isn't that good?

2. When we at our classroom, and we say thank you after we finished our class. We'll say thank you then the teacher smiles and say you're welcome. Isn't that good?

3. When moms cleaned up our school shoes because she thought that we're tired. We'll say thank you and moms will give a smile. Isn't that good?

4. When our friends help us to solve our math problem. We'll say thank you, then she/he says "My pleasure friend". Isn't that good?

5. When God gives us a chance to live today. Too many chances actually. We'll say Alhandulillah as a thank you for Him. Isn't that really good?

Above is just simple example to say thank you or thanks. Actually, there are many example but that's all for this entry. Hehe..

Saying thank you doesn't make you lost anything. So, say  thank you!

Well, this is only my humble opinion. Don't get hurt while reading this entry. Hehehe...

Happy reading and thank you!


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