Monday, 8 April 2013

April Month as a Giveaways month :p

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Today I want to make an announcement about "April Month as a Giveaways Month".

What is meant by "April Month as a Giveaways Month"?

It means that in this April, I want to join a lot of giveaways segment. And I will post so much entry about other blogger's giveaway that I've joined (and maybe least entry about me as my blog is a personal blog.)
So, if you wanna join it, you may follow me and wait for the next giveaway (i've joined) so that you can join it too. It is like my blog is the medium for you to join giveaways. I guess. Haha..

Why April? Not May or other Months?

It is because I was born on APRIL 7th. so, April is like my month. You know, I know other people will feel the same for their birthday month. wkwkwk... I'm talking nonsense again! LOL.
But maybe I'll follow giveaway for the next month, and next next next month. Who knows right? Tuah ayam nampak di kaki, tuah manusia tiada siapa yang tahu. Or perhaps, I'll join it until whenx2 indefinitely. InshaAllah.

My message >>

So, let's join giveaways my friends!!

Happy reading and thank you!!


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