Friday, 8 November 2013

Membebel #1

Posted by Jade at 15:43

I have nothing to share..
To show..
To say..
Right now.
So I decide to establish err..a post called membebel. Punyalah cliche..huahua..

I remember one thing! There is one day, when I and my sister went to the market. There's a tragedy. (tragedy lah sangat!) 

We went to the fruit stall, while I'm standing in front of the stall waiting for my order, I asked the seller about this and that, well I just curious about some other things. Suddenly, there's a voice that said, " Cerewetnya jugak orang ni!".

Cinca daebak!! Ada orang cakap aku cerewet wey! Baru tau? Haha.. Aku memang cerewet!
The fussy, the choosey itu aku. Kalau tak cerewet bukan aku la tu. Eceh..*menaip sambil mengikut perasaan*.

The question is..
Am I harming you if I am fussy?

Fed aku hidup dengan expectation orang. hahahaha...
Tengok running man lagi best dari tengok perangai orang.

Hi! I'm fussy like this baby. Because I'm a Baby too.
But, baby with brain!

Kadang-kadang, membebel itu best! walaupun aku bukan seorang yang kaki bebel. Selalu dibebel adalah.

Happy reading and thank you.

p/s: thank you for reading this amateur bebelan. I finally realized that I can't membebel. But it's ok, Usaha tangga kejayaan!


Nao Mei on Friday, November 08, 2013 said...

hihi...cik akak pun cerewet juga...kalau bab meronda market...kalau cik akak tak berkenan...kompen bawa tangan kosong balik..hahaha

Asffa on Friday, November 08, 2013 said...

hehe..kadang2 cerewet itu perlu..kut..:)

Aniq Bukhary on Sunday, November 10, 2013 said...

Pompuan memang cerewet.. huhu :D

Asffa on Sunday, November 10, 2013 said...

no comment..:p

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