Saturday, 5 April 2014

One of my biggest problems is...

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Just a few hours ago I have just started my revision with biology. And I promise to myself that tonight I will update my blog after I finished it later or I will not even turn on my laptop. I have elated enough to love biology and so do chemistry and physics. Well, to me science is my world and the world is my science. I love it since I was a kid when my brother had always told me about the incredible scientific phenomenon happen in our life. Dengan izin-Nya of course.

A prove that I've done my revision

Unfortunately, a few minutes after I just started my revision, my friend came to my room and want to use my laptop. I stare at her,smiling  and said, " If I turn on my laptop, I will not look back on the biology book." What I said is coming true. Now, I here sitting in front my laptop, with several tabs of google chrome for fb, twitter, blogger page. Apparently, I'm wasting my time! 

This is one of my biggest problems that I can't handle until now. I need some motivation, inspirational people or anything that can boost my spirit to study harder. When I was at secondary school, I am one of the best students. I remember when I am in form 4 and form 5, I finished my time to study, study and study without even go socialize with others. I've never gone out with my friend until I studied here. I am the person who is can't stay away from family, but I haven't really gotten homesick when I was apart from my family. 

The next paper will be on Monday, April 7 2014. Yeah, it's my birthday. I will celebrate my birthday with bio paper. What a 'wonderful' moment. Hakhak!. And next week, I will go back home. Can't wait to go to the airport and arrive at Tawau safely. I really want to eat at home!

Sorry if this entry is not entertaining you. I'm is the person who doesn't know how to entertain people but like entertainment.

Happy reading and thank you!


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